Top 10 Baby Gifts

February 20, 2017 Elizabeth Wood

Here’s my top 10 baby gifts:


  1. Baby Sling – Read up about the fourth trimester and you’ll quickly realise why baby needs a baby sling! When babies are born, they cry when you put them down, right! Well that’s because they are adjusting to life outside of the womb still and want to be close to mum or dad all the time and often hearing your heartbeat makes them feel safe. A baby sling has the benefits for the wearer too, 2 free hands to get on with things! You can find the award-winning Kari-me baby sling here, available in 8 colours


  1. Baby Car Seat – If the parents own a car they are going to need a car seat, this is a purchase the parents will likely do some research on. If you are gifting a car seat, then take the parents with you to choose and order it for them. If you purchase it from a store they will fit it for you and show you how it works too.


  1. Baby Travel System/Pram/Pushchair – If you are gifting babies first pram then mum and dad to be will really need to be there to choose it. It’s quite a personal thing and how heavy they, how they collapse, what wheels they are all factors mum and dad will need their say on. Be warned if you are gifting the travel system, things could get expensive! Start adding the carry cot, foot muff, waterproof cover, umbrella holder and things start to quickly add up!


  1. Clothing – baby is going to get through a lot of clothing! At first it is appropriate for babies to be in bodysuits, vests and sleepsuits when they are so young. Baby will get through so many if you buy extra of these then mum will be grateful trust me! You may see a cute outfit which is lovely but I’d suggest getting a bigger size in it. To check out our line of gender neutral clothing click here


  1. Baby Gym/Play Mat – A nice gift for any baby and you can probably choose whatever you fancy without consulting mum and dad first. It doesn’t really matter if baby has two either as they need time on their backs and tummies learning to roll and play. One for the living room and one for the kitchen would actually be pretty handy!


  1. Changing Bag – A changing bag is going to be mums main bag for the next two years so it needs to hold a lot of stuff. I think most mums will want to choose this themselves. If they have a changing bag already then, a great gift would be the Babymee Changing Mat, which comes with bag. It’s great for short trips out and for keeping in the car. You can find it here


  1. Muslin Cloths and bibs– something you don’t realise how much you use until you become a parent! Dribble, milk, sick, snot and food! It’s something many parents don’t buy as they forget about them so a much welcome and much needed gift! Bibs are a necessity for feeding baby, especially when weaning time comes, wow will baby get through some bibs! You can find them here


  1. Blankets – Blankets are such a classic gift and let’s face it baby can’t have enough either. Baby will likely have different blankets for different uses, in bed, in the pram, in the car, all very different. Adding personalisation makes it a special gift to treasure too. We recommend our Babymee star blanket for sleeping as its made from 100% cotton, its double thickness too so super warm. Our fleece blankets are so unbelievably soft they make the perfect snuggle blankets for cosy walks out in the pram. Find Babymee blankets here


  1. Baby Bouncer –A baby bouncer can be a bit of a life-saver when mum needs to put baby down. In the doorway of the bathroom is a great place to put the bouncer whilst mum has a quick shower! Then in the kitchen whilst cooking some food for lunch or tea! Baby will only need one bouncer so check with the parents before buying and if they want to choose one or let it be a surprise! Some bouncers need batteries, it would be helpful to buy these as part of the gift too.


  1. Baby Towel – another lovely gift is a cute baby towel. One with a hood to wrap baby up all cosy when they get straight out of the bath! We make a bamboo hooded towel for the ultimate luxury for baby. Bamboo has lots of clever qualities too, making it a great choice for babies. Why not add the baby's name too. You can find it here


Lizzy x


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