Nearly ready for launch!

July 15, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

Since my first blog things have moved on...a lot!!! I also have had a focus group consisting of some of my amazing friends and family (who are all mums!); of whom I am very grateful to and lucky to have such fantastic people around me. I have been working on my bundle packages which will make perfect gifts for new parents for their babies. Baby showers are becoming ever popular and I'm sure many of my products will make the best baby shower gifts. If you are unsure what to buy mum-to-be particularly if the sex and name is a surprise then our gift vouchers are just what you need. These have free delivery and come with an envelope.

Our super luxurious hooded towel has taken a lot of work to get it to perfection. I should mention I am a perfectionist! (not so great for my husband (Mike) if he ever helps with the housework!). Now its the right size so can be used into toddlerhood. The embroidery on the hood looks gorgeous and in double thickness so that the embroidery is on the inside away from babies head. I'm really excited about this product and all it's features particularly the bamboo fabric, but at the same time annoyed with myself that I didn't start up Babymee years ago so my daughter Emily could have used all the products! I can honestly say we must have gone through 10 towels for her when I could have had just 1 Babymee towel! I also would have used her as my model! She had so much hair and the thickness in the hood would have been so useful to dry her hair! Emily is 3 now and still a beautiful model, see below with our Pink Circles Blanket, pretending to be asleep! I need to find some willing babies to be models for my photos now, I just hope not to get broody in the process!

As for the launch, soon, very soon I promise!

Lizzy x


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