My guide for first time Mums

September 22, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

You’ve gone through pregnancy reading all sorts of articles, making sure you eat the right foods, or not eating the wrong foods I should add! I’ve just had boiled egg and soldiers for my lunch which prompted this blog as I’m currently not pregnant I can enjoy the yummy runny egg, something I missed so greatly those 9 months of pregnancy! In fact, I distinctly remember my first day home from hospital and my sister and mum coming around with food and asking me what I wanted. I think I remember this even more as I got disturbed by the health visitor appointment and thinking it was too rude to eat in front of her and waited until she had gone to delve into it. So here’s my first tip, eat food when you whenever you can, doesn’t matter what guests you have. In fact, if someone is coming over to visit you tell them to bring lunch/dinner or even breakfast with them!

My next tip would be to buy large pants for after birth, no matter what birth, natural or c-section you will thank me for having large comfy, (ok granny) pants! We won’t go into this too much but I luckily was given this tip and was fully prepared with several in my hospital bag. I have also been out to buy some for someone close to me after her birth!

Next tip, not only do you have to think about feeding yourself you’ve got to think about feeding the baby. I have to admit this is something I struggled with miserably. I was one of those slightly naïve mums who was going to breastfed but never realised quite how hard work breastfeeding is at first! I battled through and made it out the other side, it wasn’t easy and we had another hospital visit because of this but after the first few weeks I loved every feed, even the middle of the night ones! Anyway my tip is to be prepared, if you want to breastfeed make sure you have the back up of formula in just in case and go to some breastfeeding support groups, whilst pregnant, don’t wait until after baby is here! If you are planning on formula feeding, make sure you have sterilised your bottles in advance and have lots of them! Get to know how the steriliser works, you won’t have time to read instruction manuals after baby is here!

My next tip relates to feeding, muslin cloths are your best friend! They mop up all that milk dribble and great for burping/sick that comes after. I think my muslin cloths mostly got used to hold the other breast to which wasn’t feeding to save my sofa/bedding from the evitable breastmilk spray!

Welcome visitors but not too many, try to steady the flow. If you can save some for when daddy has gone back to work that way, you’ll be welcoming the adult company. Don’t be afraid to tell people to go once they’ve outstayed their welcome or if you need to feed/change baby go upstairs and ask them to show themselves out, they’ll get the hint!

The health visitor will tell you to go for a walk and get some fresh air, you might find this hard at first but please if you are new mummy and are reading this then do it! It stops you looking at the same 4 walls of your living room and gives you a sense of achievement for getting out. Either go for a walk in a pram or take baby out in a baby sling. You’ll likely be surprised how easily babies go to sleep when they have some fresh air and are on the move!

Our changing mats are designed for you to grab and go, you can fit a nappy and some wipes in the bag for an emergency change so you don’t need to take everything with you whilst you get 30 minutes’ fresh air. Grab your phone and house key and go! Oh and maybe a chocolate bar for you to eat too!

Get support from family and friends because it is not easy and no-one thinks it is or expects you to cope on your own. Wait for that first proper smile at around 6 weeks and you’ll be smiling all day long (mostly!).

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Granny Pants - mine were from M&S, but I’m sure a lot of well-known department stores will sell also!

Lizzy x

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