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November 03, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

Recently I have seen an increasing amount of first time mums wondering what to pack in their hospital bag, if it’s enough, what else etc. I’ve been there and remembering wondering the same thing! A friend gave me a list someone had given her and it was really helpful as it had everything on it, I could get rid of things that didn’t apply to me! To help any first-time mums wondering I thought I would compile a list for you:

Your hospital bag, so many people think they want to pack into a small bag but really use whatever you have got, if it’s got wheels even better. Don’t be afraid to take a small suitcase as actually when you leave hospital with a baby, and your hospital bags then something on wheels will be so much easier for you or your babies daddy! I could barely walk let alone carry anything and very luckily for me; my husband collected me but my mum was also visiting me right before I was discharged so I had lots of help. I still to this day laugh at my husband struggling to carry Emily to his car in her car seat! He seemed to be making such hard work of carrying a new born baby, constantly switching arms etc! I probably should add she was 10lb 6.5oz so not light and in her car seat walking all the way to the car she was probably arm breaking. Until I had to carry her in her car seat for myself I suddenly realised what the struggle was all about!!! Anyway, it’s really a good idea to have a small bag with babies first clothes in and a few initial bits so you are ready for when baby pops out as well as a larger bag.

Your notes and birth plan

For Baby

Nappies, first size. Even my huge baby fit in size 1 as a new born. You might want to pack some tiny baby nappies if you are measuring small or might come early!

Nappy bags.

Milk - Consider your feeding options, if you are planning on breastfeeding then you have everything you need already! If you plan to bottle feed from the start consider your brands. Add milk and sterilised bottles here.

Its recommended you use only water to clean babies new-born bottoms so you’ll just need cotton wool.

Clothing, vests and sleepsuits x3.

Changing mat.

Muslin Cloths.

A Blanket.

Hats, scratch mitts and booties.

A baby sling.

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For Mum


Hairbobbles/headbands & hairbrush

Travel sized shower gel, shampoo & dry shampoo (I treated myself to an expensive brand for these!).

Lip balm.

Roll on deodorant.

Hand gel.

Face wipes & moisturiser

Tooth brush & tooth paste.

If you wear make-up everyday like me, feel free to add this to the list and clog up your hospital bag (I didn’t wear any!).

Maternity pads or accident pants.

Massive comfy granny pants (just trust me on this ok!).

Buttoned nighties (easy access for breastfeeding).

Nursing bra and breastfeeding pads.

Dark coloured PJ bottoms/joggers (again trust me on this!).

Something comfy to go home in (I did wear maternity leggings and nightie!). If it’s going to be cold outside, a cardigan. A pair of shoes.

Proper slippers.

Flip flops for the shower.

A fan or cooling spray, consider this, I didn’t use it but if you think you might pack it!

Phone Charger.

A note book and pen.

Snack and drinks.

Money. Change for car parking for going home.

Make sure however you will get home you have your car seat too!

It’s never too early to pack your hospital bag, you never know when little one will decide to come. Emily was 9 days late but I ended up in hospital by ambulance at 31 weeks and having a bag with some bits in by the door meant hubby could bring that in for me. We hadn’t purchased a car seat at this point and he was really panicked that we hadn’t got one. It does take the pressure off if you get organised early!

Lizzy x

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