Gender Neutral Baby Items

September 01, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

When I initially set out to create the first line of products for Babymee I knew I wanted colour! That was something I was sure of, all the colours of the rainbow if I could! Having a daughter I actually personally love pink so you’d think I would be happy with what’s on offer out there! However, there is very distinct ranges of blue for boys and pink for girls in every large high street retailer you visit. If you look at the products Babymee offer we have some blue, pink & cream options but that’s because as a retailer I’d be silly not to offer this. There is still a want in many people’s hearts for the traditional colours!

I couldn’t wait to find out the sex of my baby during pregnancy so at my 20-week scan there was no-way I’d be keeping it as a surprise! I even asked them to check at another couple of my scans I had if it was definitely a girl! And what did I do, I bought the brightest pink car seat I could find! I didn’t buy everything pink but I was tempted! Its only as Emily got nearer to 1-year-old I realised I needed to mix things up a little and stop the stereotypes!

Not everyone however finds out the sex of their babies though and for them what do they buy? Well, tradition tells them to go for white and cream bodysuits and vest etc. Which everyone knows it’s nice for a baby but I find it rather boring! I had to think different for my first print for Babymee, something I loved and made me smile and something that was suitable for a boy or girl and had as many colours on as possible! I then had to think of what design, I went through every animal you can imagine but noticed lots of animal prints already existed. Eventually I fell in love with stars! After an exciting trip to the fabric printers and designers who are big in the baby market and sitting down with the head designer we created the star fabric we use today in a lot of our products. The best bit of all, it is suitable for boys and girls, its simply gender neutral!

Lizzy x

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