Eczema in Babies

September 08, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

I come from a line of relatives on my dad’s side of the family to have eczema. I’m told it gets less severe as the line goes on. My Grandad had to be wrapped pretty much head to toe during the second world war. My Dad also suffered terrible flare ups during his exam years at school and university. Me, well mine is annoying! I constantly suffer with eczema on my hands and its simply due to the constant washing of them and washing up I do. Having Emily and the constant nappy changes meant so many hand washes a day I really struggled! I’m usually ok using steroid creams and the occasional use for a week’s dose of steroids to get me right again. I also am a sufferer of asthma & hayfever, so yep my NHS prescription bills are high!

As you can imagine having Emily meant I was worried she would suffer with a list of my conditions and once she popped out full of red sore looking skin I sort of new straight away what we’d be in for! Luckily for Emily she has a mum who knows what to avoid and what to use. We stick to a quick bath or shower every other day (would be less if she didn’t get so dirty with sand/paint/mud!). No bubble bath just her creams chucked in! We use only baby friendly washing powder and no fabric softener. We slap on as much emollient cream as possible (you can’t use too much of that stuff!). We keep it under control for her. It breaks my heart to see her in her sleep scratching away! Now she’s three I’ve got my next worry, asthma, I’m praying she’ll be saved from that one but we’ll see. I was three when I had my first asthma attack, so fingers crossed for Emily as that’s a whole another worry!

When you are a sufferer of eczema certain things irritate you and can make the condition worse, one thing for me is wool fabrics which I wouldn’t put directly next to my skin. I stick to 100% cotton as much as possible.

When launching Babymee products knowing that around 20% of babies have eczema I needed to be conscious of this and make products that would be suitable for all babies delicate skin. Using UK manufacturers, the quality of fabrics we use is superior and luxury at its best. Our Star printed jersey is 100% cotton and very soft making it the perfect choice for babies. I personally would recommend if you have a baby suffering from eczema to stick to cotton fabrics. Our star blanket is double thickness and made from 100% cotton so would be a suitable choice for your baby.

A product that is very special is our Babymee Hooded Bamboo Towel. When we first launched Babymee I wasn’t sure how we’d be able to make a towel in the UK but then I discovered bamboo towelling. Not only is it the height of luxury, soft and absorbent but bamboo is also another great choice for eczema sufferers. Read about it here

If you are concerned about eczema in babies or would like more information you can find out more here

Lizzy x

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