August 09, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

My family own Kari-me, a multi-award winning baby sling brand. So it makes sense that we sell Kari-me baby slings alongside our Babymee products. They make such a brilliant gift for a new Mum or Dad from a close relative or friend. They are a ‘big’ purchase up there with furniture, car seats & prams but don’t come with the big price tag! Baby slings are very often used more than a pram too by many Mums. It’s known as ‘Babywearing’ and there’s so many benefits for both mum and baby, so many that I won’t mention them all here! (Visit for more information). What I will say though, is that once you’ve got the hang of it by following the easy instructions in the booklet provided with every Kari-me sling purchased, after a small amount of practice it will take you no time at all to put the sling on and pop baby safely inside. Spreading the fabric down your shoulders evens the weight when carrying and if you haven’t tried a Kari-me baby sling before you’ll be amazed at how evenly the weight is distributed across your body. You hardly feel any of the weight, unlike holding a baby in yours arms, where even a new-born can give you that dead arm feeling after a while! Remember to put the sling on tightly (like a stretchy t-shirt) before putting baby inside and make sure you follow the ‘TICKS’ guidelines inside the instruction booklet.

You can check out the 8 gorgeous colours available here My personal favourite colours are lilac and the denim blue. If you would like to read more about Kari-me baby slings please visit

Lizzy x

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