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August 25, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

So the vision for Babymee has happened, finally! The initial idea of baby bundles has come together and I couldn’t be happier! I’m thrilled with the products we have launched (so far!) and the quality and fabrics I have found are amazing. My final wish is for people to be able to see and touch the products through their screens so they can see how lovely the fabrics are that we use! Not sure technology is quite that advanced!

The comments I have been getting are really heart-warming, our star print jersey interlock cotton gets the best compliments, it’s so soft for a 100% cotton and I’m really proud of my design on this.

I have some great names for our Babymee bundles some of these I have some close friends to thank who helped me come up with the ideas!  The 'Out & About Bundle' 'Birth Bundle' and the 'Change of clothes Bundle' are some of those names which join our 'Ultimate Bundle' and 'Luxury Bundle'!

Our Babymee bundles range in prices of £15 up to £150, depending on people’s budgets from a small gift for a friend to large corporate gifts for mums-to-be. Corporate gifts is an area I’m keen to push, mostly because I want all new Mum and Dads to receive a lovely gift through their place of work but also I want that gift to be something gorgeous and useful! Flowers are lovely, but all first-time mums will tell you everyone sends you flowers and after those first couple of weeks you are left a little sad that the gifts people have spent so much on are dead! I’m also fully aware of baby baskets being a popular trend and is something I wanted to stay clear of. Our baby bundles all come complete in one of our Star fabric gift bags which can then be re-used. They are all filled with Babymee items and have no cheap filler items which aren’t of the highest quality! I know I talk about our fabrics used a lot but once you have seen and felt them you understand what I mean!

If your work is having a collection for a mum-to-be suggest a Babymee bundle and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to design a bundle based on your budget or collection amount.

To check out our Babymee bundles visit

Lizzy x


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