Baby Showers

August 04, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

So I have to begin my post by being honest and saying, I never had a baby shower. Neither did either of my two closest friends, but I’m guessing we all secretly wished we did! I see so many of my friends having often surprise baby showers, and I think how lovely, they deserve it! This growing popular trend has to be a good thing and I’ll explain why…


Being pregnant is tough, those who have been pregnant all have their stories (I have some good ones, trust me) even those mums who have seemingly easy and healthy pregnancies are hard going. Let’s face it growing a human being makes mum a very special person. If that 2-hour long afternoon tea, called a baby shower makes her feel a tad important then it’s worth it. Baby showers are here to stay and especially for first-time mummys are on the rise.


During my setting up of Babymee I very much had in mind Baby Shower Gift Ideas. I spent a long time looking for nice gifts for my close friends and family when they have had babies. It’s often hard to know what they need or what they don’t already have. I cast my mind back to when I had Emily and my closest friend bought me a couple of items with EMILY on, these weren’t anything special but seeing these items with that name I (and Husband agreed!) had chosen to name this tiny little baby made my heart melt and I loved them! A lot of what you see on Babymee are aimed for this exact reason! Babymee personalised blankets & towels are made to last quality and will give the new mum something to make her heart melt too!


I also want to mention muslin cloths as wow I had no idea I even needed such an item prior to getting pregnant let alone how much I would use them! I literally used them for everything, one never left my side, ever! Mopping up every bit of milk dribble (from Emily as well as from me!), snot, sick, you name it, the muslin took it! It was also perfect to cover me up during breastfeeding in cafés if I wasn’t feeling quite as confident as I should have, and also to save my modesty a little! I also used muslin cloths as a sun shade out on a walk in the pram whenever the sun was the wrong way. So if you want to buy your friend something small then I suggest one of our Babymee Muslin Cloths are perfect!


If your friend or family member is having a baby shower, embrace it, make her feel special, treat her to something she likes and not just the baby! Chocolate, smellies are always good options. If you are stuck as she has decided to keep the sex a surprise then take advantage of our Babymee gift vouchers, with free delivery and let mum chose herself once baby is born.


Lizzy x



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