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March 31, 2016 Elizabeth Wood

It's a very exciting time for us here at Babymee. Launching our beautiful baby products has been a very long dream of mine that is finally coming true. Finding the best fabrics was the fun part, we quickly decided everything should be Made in England, to ensure the quality and keep the British textile industry going is a passion we share. Kari-me baby carriers are a business owned by my family which are also made in England and it made good sense to carry this onto Babymee.

Firstly we knew we needed a beautiful printed fabric and colourful stars was the vision. Along with a fabric printer in Leicestershire we designed our first print. The products we will make from this are a blanket, vests, bibs, hats, mittens & bootees. We also discovered some beautifully soft fleece fabric with a circle design which we will be making blankets from. As a mum to an amazing daughter (Emily now aged 3) I have learnt what is useful for new parents and I know that quality products are what is needed for our new-born babies delicate skin. Our next fabric we found was a waffle cotton perfect for muslin cloths, once you've had a baby you realise what they are for, which is pretty much everything! A hooded towel is a product I am very excited about, it is a necessary product for babies but I never found a towel that was very soft after a few washes. After some research we found a bamboo towel that is made here in England! Yes it's very expensive fabric! but it will be worth it for that softness against our babies skin and stop the need for purchasing new towels after a few washes!

The final product I wanted to share with you is a washable folding changing mat. Oh how I wish I had one of these with my daughter! The product is perfect for keeping as a spare at home or for out and about in your changing bag or handbag. The mat can be machine washable at 70°C, it will come with its own bag (also machine washable) which keeps the bacteria spreading to other items in your bag like other changing mats which you just put in your bag and can't wash!

Our first samples will be made up soon and on sale within the next few weeks.

Lizzy x


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